Friday, June 27, 2008

About US

Brandon and I  got married August 2, 2003.  Along with Brandon came a beautiful little girl MacKenzie.  She and I were great friends, still are!  MacKenzie is 9 years old.  She just won't stop growing :)  We have a cute little Ryker too.  He was born June 1, 2007.

Brandon is busy building fences these days and starts another semester of school the end of August.  He is excited for his classes.  He is done with most of his generals so its all fun from here on out!  Last semester he got straight A's.  I kept wondering why he was so stressed until I saw his grades, then I understood.  He has a hard time accepting anything less than A's.  I'm so proud of him.  We are so in love!!

I get to stay home with the cute little monster, Ryker.  I have been working at the salon a couple nights a week with the help of his grandma and grandpa Beagley.  They have been so great helping us out!  I also try to keep busy taking pictures whether its for friends and family or of Ryker.  I've been blessed with two very photogenic kids :)  

MacKenzie just graduated the 3rd grade and is excited for 4th.  She started playing softball this summer and realized the softballs are quite hard.  She was playing first base and the sun was behind the ball being thrown at her and it smacked her in the nose.  It was broke, but is beautiful today!  "Why didn't it just hit me in the head?" she said bout twenty times on the way to the hospital.  She will be starting soccer soon, but nothing beats swimming.  She loves the water.  My favorite is seeing her with Ryker.  She is so cute with him and he just lights up when she's around.  He even says her name, sorta!

Ryker is 1.  He walks and runs now.  Still falls a bunch which is hard for dad to deal with.  He hates to see him fall.  I used to, but when you are with the little one all day and you see him survive some nasty falls, you just have that faith that he'll pull through :)  He says some words, mostly Dad, Mom, Kenz, get that, and ghetti(a dog).  He also knows sign language for More, and just started doing water.  He gives mom 2 naps a day, which she needs.  He is full of wonder and loves to make us laugh.


Laraine said...

What a beautiul picture of your little family. McKenzie and Ryker are both darling! (So are you and Brandon:)!)
Thanks for sending me the link to your blog! Love you guys!

laura said...

awwwww I miss the Beagleys! (and davis')

brandon said...

i love you baby!!



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