Thursday, December 4, 2008

His Words

I've been reading this amazing book that I LOVE!!!  It's called The Essene Gospel of Peace.  It is so beautiful, Thank you Rachel for borrowing it to me!  I was reading it on my trip to California and while we were there we went to this really old grave yard and there so many amazing statues.  I took a few pictures and decided to do something with a few of them.  Here is one for starts!  I wrote the poem being inspired from the book and the path I am on right now.

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Rachel Talley said...

The picture and the poem are ABSOLUTELY beautiful separate and together. Your AMAZING...Delynn. SO AMAZING and GIFTED! Thank you for last night. Your help with Shauna was AWESOME! You are a intune healer and are truly helping people find themselves and who the Savior really is. I LOVE YOU!!



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