Thursday, May 14, 2009

LOVIN' the Outdoors!

Ryker and I have been lovin' this wonderful weather!  I love being outside with him because he is so calm and sweet :)  Warm days consist of going to the park to swing, going to the KOA pond to throw rocks in the water, playing with sidewalk chalk (he throws and breaks, I color),  and playing with water out back.  We still have to watch Shrek at least once a day, sometimes twice.  Ryker loves all the birds, when they fly away he says, "where'd the bird go? gby bird."  SO CUTE!

Brandon has been working so hard lately so anytime Ryker gets with dad, its ALL DAD.  Mother's day I asked Brandon to walk with me to the river so he could see how much Ryker loves throwing rocks.  It's our job as the parents to gather him rocks, so we stay really busy.

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Jeff said...

as I lay in bad last night, after our usual watching "BOLT" i realized i had this huge grin on my face. As i gripped tight the little pink pillow, made by Ticia, that i hold tight every night as i go to sleep the realization struck me... This little MAN who calls me grampa has so much love to give, and I wondered "what have I ever done in my life to deserve the big part in his life I have become?"

All I know is it fulfills me completely as a human being.

I hope it never has an end! I really need to buy him his own copy of BOLT for his home.



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