Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Mask

Always a mask
Held in the slim hand whitely
Always she had a mask
before her face -

Truly the wrist
Holding it lightly
Fitted the task:
Sometimes however
Was there a shiver,
Fingertip quiver,
Ever so slightly -
Holding the mask?

For years and years and years
I wondered
But dared not ask
And then -
I blundered,
Looked behind the mask,
To find
Nothing -
She had no face.

She had become
Merely a hand
Holding a mask
With grace.

Author Unknown

I have been working on letting my mask down lately.  What is really behind the Mask?  My feelings, these feelings are what I have felt I had to hide.  I'm learning to let people see how I really feel inside and this is the only way for the mask to disappear.  Thank you friends and family for your help in accepting the parts of me that I have been hiding.  I love you!

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