Saturday, August 29, 2009

Given To

Someone very special to me told me recently that one of her secrets to being happy is surrounding herself with people that are both giving and receiving, which she is also.  She has wonderful people close to her, all she works on is giving, giving, giving and she knows that she will be taken care of by their giving also.  It works in a circle, unlike of many relationships which are mostly one sided and one person feels used, this works continual without much effort and worry.  You give, knowing your needs will be met also.  It sounds too good to be true, I KNOW.  I've been working on this with Brandon and it has been amazing.  It is a true test of Faith.  Giving without expectations is hard but I'm finding that it is the most rewarding :)  Without expectations you are able to recognize the little things and be grateful for them.  Expectations create limitations on our Happiness.  Thank you Special Person for teaching me this wonderful lesson!  Here is a song that goes along with this thought.  I got it out of the book, "Nonviolent Communication"
Given To

I never feel more given to
than when you take from me -
when you understand the joy I feel
giving to you.
And you know my giving isn't done
to put you in my debt,
but because I want to live the love
I feel for you.
To receive with grace
may be the greatest giving.
There's no way I can separate
the two.
When you give to me,
I give you my receiving.
When you take from me, I feel so
given to.

Ruth Berbermeyer

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