Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ryker and Daniel

My friend Christa asked me to watch her son Daniel for a bit today and I just had to take pictures because Ryker had so much fun with him.  Ryker has a hard time sharing and this was one of the first times I've seen him let go and have some fun!  They both LOVE trucks!  I'm so excited for Ryker to have a little friend his age, they are only a week apart.

We watched movies with trucks.....
Then we had watermelon pop-cycles.........
Then we jumped on the tramp (thanks Jones' for the tramp!)
It was so cute to watch them jump on the tramp because it was so small.  I'm surprised they didn't ever fall off.  Everything Ryker did Daniel copied.
Thanks boys for a great day!

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Christa said...

So cute! I want copies of those pics. They had so much fun today. Daniel was excited for Ryker to come over. Thanks for talking to me afterwards - I love you!



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