Friday, November 6, 2009


Happy Halloween!
So, I bought Ryker a Dragon costume and his Grandma Glo bought him a Buzz Lightyear costume and he refused to wear either one. Oh well, he went trick or treating anyway and people told me "he must be 2". I get that statement a lot with Ryker so he must be ALL 2!

Friday Kenzie's school had a Halloween parade and I went with Ryker and Glo. Ryker doesn't get to see Kenzie enough so he latched onto her and ended up walking with her during her
parade and then sat down with her when they sang Halloween songs in the lunch room. I'm so happy Kenzie loves Ryker and lets him love her. They are so sweet :)

This is Kaiya. She walked up to us and Sarah started taking pictures of her and I was thinking, Sarah, why are you taking a picture of this random girl?! Then I realized it was Kaiya. I couldn't believe it was her. Great Costume Kaiya!!!

All the girls wanted to hold Ryker and he wouldn't let them. ONLY SISTER!!!

You look great Kenzie! Nice costume Ryker :)

We went trick or treating with the Bennett's and Lance and Jessica's family. The girls and Kobe had a blast together. They ran from door to door as fast as they could. Brandon and I mistakenly let Ryker eat candy after candy after candy. When we finally went home at 1 that night Ryker was done and cried and screamed and cried and screamed for a LONG time. It was awful. We know now why we don't let him eat candy in the first place. We thought we'd never get our sweet Ryker back. Of course he was back to normal the next night and we were VERY relieved :)

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