Wednesday, February 10, 2010


We took a trip out to Oregon a couple weeks after Christmas this year. Brandon lost his job a few months ago and we had been doing pretty well with side jobs and such, but after my sister JoAnna died everything seemed to be going down hill. My dad and mom (Linda) had told us a story once of when they were in a similar situation as ours and had decided to take a vacation to take their minds off of the problem and be able to start feeling better, they said it was the best thing they could have done. Brandon got me tickets to fly out to Oregon for my Christmas present and boy did we need it :) He is always so thoughtful, I'm so lucky to have such a loving husband. Thank you Brandon!!!
This was only my second time being to Oregon in the winter time in 11 years. Last time we went in the winter the weather was great and we had a blast looking for agates on the beach. This week we went out and it was storm after storm. 75 mile an hour gust of wind, high tides and HUGE waves. We didn't get to spend time on the beach this time, but I've always wanted to see the storms and I definitely got my wish :) It was amazing. The power of that Ocean is incredible and I just loved falling asleep to the roaring every night. This was the first trip that we visited the Sea Lion Caves. Sea lions had migrated up to Oregon from California and so there were round 600 sea lions just in this one cave. I guess it is unusual and hit national news. Ryker loved it. It was so loud in their from their barking. I had fun taking pictures of the Huge waves crashing into the cave. The sea lions are fun to watch, very territorial. They push each other and fight for their positions on the high spots.

Ryker had a blast spending so much time with his daddy. He couldn't get enough. I loved watching him loving him up :)
Ryker Loved ping pong. It was more like us fetching the ball and Ryker thinking that was hillarious. Good thing we all took turns playing this game or I might have gone crazy. Grandpa started it :)

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