Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ryker's Hair cut

A couple weeks ago I was cutting Ryker's bangs so they would be out of his face and I was in the middle of doing it and he says, "mommy, not like yours..." He was terrified that i was cutting his bangs to look like mine.
So a couple of days ago I was wondering what Ryker would look like with his hair cut short. I admit, I had to kinda trick him into it so I told him he'd look like Daddy if I cut his hair short. I get done with it and have him look in the mirror and he says, "not like Daniels" (his little friend with really short hair) I styled it and showed him how it looked like Daddies. He was really happy later when Dad saw it and liked it, but the next morning he says " mom, I want my hair like yours again." At least he knows what he wants. Guess we know what he looks like with short hair. I think he's adorable both ways :)

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