Friday, July 8, 2011


We took Ryker to the American Fork carnival last night. SO fun, for Ryker and Daddy. I just got to watch :) Ryker had a blast. We went early and then Sister and her mom's family came to meet us later on. Brandon got him to go on some big people rides that he was big enough to go on with an adult. I couldn't believe how brave he was. His favorite was the Magic Carpet ride, went on that I think 5 times, then the Gravitron 3 times (no pictures, but spins and spins and spins in a spaceship), then the trucks. The others weren't quite exciting enough for him. Poor daddy had to go on the Gravitron 3 times, his stomach barely made it through only because he made Ryker wait 40 min in between each time. All in all, it was a great night :)

(Magic Carpet)

By the time Sister came he got brave enough to occasionally put his hands up. Daddy had to hold onto him though because he would slide back and forth in the seat.

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