Monday, October 31, 2011

More Judah and Ryker

Here are a few more pictues. I love this one. He's my cute lil smile bug. This isn't quite his smile, but definitely happy boy :)
Ryker fascinates him. Its fun for me to have Ryker to entertain Judah. Yesterday Ryker pretended to be a dog for a good half hour and Judah and I played fetch with him. Ryker still can't wait for Judah to like transformers.
Ryker gets a little jealous of Judah sometimes so he likes to pretend to be a baby. Sometimes its cute, sometimes not so much.
This is a very common look for Judah when we are watching Brother. He is trying to find him. Its hard for him sometimes because Ryker is ALL over the place.
Aren't they cute :)
This is his crooked smile like his mom.

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