Thursday, October 13, 2011


Ryker learned why mommy and daddy asked him not to go up the slides today. He was pretty freaked out after it happened from the blood and probably from mommy freaking out. I knew right away we'd be going to get stitches. He was really scared when I told him he'd be going to the doctors. Brandon had a really good talk on the way to the hospital that I guess set his mind at ease. Ryker was SO brave at the doctors. 6 stitches on his chin. It's going to be a matching scar to his daddies chin scar. Brandon got his around the same age jumping from the toilet to the bathtub with wet feet.
Ryker told me he was never going on that slide EVER again. I told him if he would have gone down instead of up the slide this most likely wouldn't have happened. He let me know that he will make sure Brother knows how to go on the slide the right way when he grows up. I'm happy he will be helping us out with Judah.

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