Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ryker Loves So Much

For awhile there Ryker was having a really hard time whenever Kenzie had to go home. She would leave and he'd be gloomy and we'd ask what was wrong and he would be glum and say his heart was broke cuz Kenzie left. I'd try cheering him up and sometimes he'd even cry. It would break my heart to see it. One time I told him it was his brain making him sad and if he could think of something that made him happy that may make him feel better. He told me that Judah made him happy. He is such a sweet boy.

One day we were driving in the car somewhere and out of the blue he starts up this conversation:

Ryker: My heart doesn't brake when Kenzie leaves anymore Mom
Me: It was pretty hard for you for awhile there
Ryker: My brain made it hard
Me: Wow, you are right
Ryker: My brain got it sorted out.

He's so smart. I was floored.

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