Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bradford Christmas Party

Santa Claus came to visit our party and picked Kenzie to lead us in song.  She seemed to be having fun, but was a bit embarrassed :)  Its really weird because I remember being her age at the Bradford Christmas parties and all my cousins,  and now there are all these kids there that are ours now.  Its really too much for me to comprehend.
I just think Gracie is the funniest baby.  She's so content with everything, its so nice.  She just sits there and checks everything out with no fears.
Look how tall she is.  She is getting way to old, way too fast.  Where's that cute little cuddle bug that was always so so sweet?   Actually, she's still cuddly and sweet, just grown up.
Ryker really surprised me with Santa.  I thought I'd be holding him, standing up, while he was screaming bloody murder, but he was really calm.  It made it fun :)

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