Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pictures for Grandpa

We took these pictures for Grandpa Steve.  McClain(with the really blonde hair) is his son Steven's little girl and my mom wanted to surprise him with a photo with all his grandkids.  

Looks like the Photo shoot went pretty well doesn't it :)
This is how it actually was.  What an experence it is to get 3 kids under 18months to behave and look in the same general direction.  The picture up top is actually 3 different pictures combined.  Whenever McClain was being good, Ryker was throwing a fit and vise versa.  Thank you Photoshop!  Look how awesome Kenzie is :)
I LOVE this picture.  Isn't it cute when kids pose themselves :)
This is Gracie in a nutshell!  She had this face or her laughing face the whole time.

So Sweet!!

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