Friday, December 12, 2008


"Some people wear their faith like an overcoat.  It only warms them, but does not benefit others at all.  But some light a fire and also warm others."

Rav Mendel of Kotzk

Faith is a hard thing.  I want to have faith, but if I have faith I have to give up control.  I have to accept that I have no control except that I have faith.  Control is a hard word too, its a hard thing to accept that we are all so controlling.  I have been seeing lately the ways I try to control my world (consciously and unconsciously) and have seen the opposite of my intensions coming to life.  If I have faith and love and ask with an open heart my Heavenly Parents for the things I need I will get them.  Only with good intensions and faith.  I only pray that I can continue to see the ways I try to control my world so that I can have faith and gain peace.  One of my ways to overcome my control is for me to Speak My Truth.  What a scary thing to do, but just assuming that people know me and understand me really puts a lot of pressure on everyone else but me.  I ask for Faith that I will be able to speak my Truth in the moments that I need to with peace and be able to speak from my heart.
Love you all!

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