Monday, February 2, 2009

Creative time

It must be creative time for me.  I can't get myself away from my computer :)
A little bit about what I did with this. . . 
I use a program called Photoshop CS3.  It allows you to bring in multiple pictures and combine them together in many different ways.  This piece has 23 layers which is either photos, textures or other techniques all stacked and blended.  I know, its probably still foreign to most.  It took me bout two hours to complete, a whole Ryker nap.

Here are some of the pictures used:


Mattsbrt said...

The outcome is so great..I am just starting to mess with photoshop as well. Nothing like you though. I love it.

EM-PRES-CASH said...

OH wow!! That is so cool. I've been wanting to do a picture of me and the kids (or at least the kids) with Jeremy kind of blended in the background somehow, kind of looking over them.... maybe this is how to do it! Awesome

Laura Jones said...

I love that tulip picture!! Is that the one you took in our dying yard?



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