Saturday, February 14, 2009

Look at the Good, Be grateful for the Blessings

It's all good, we say.  And yet, in truth, our tendency is to first look at the bad, isn't it?  Think about it, if you saw a bad movie, or had terrible service in a restaurant, or someone did something to you that you didn't like, how many people would you tell?  Research shows you'd tell about 35 people.  Good news?  This is usually spread to far fewer people.
Today, focus on what's right, what's good in life.  The closer you look, the more you'll find what you love.
Kabbalah Tune-up
I have been noticing this about myself lately.  I try to come up with something to talk about, with someone I may not be comfortable with right at first, and the first thing I can think of is a complaint.  I even do this with close friends and family.  By the time I notice what I'm doing I'm half way through it and feel so awful.  This is such a good thing for me to work on :)

I've been told when we receive blessings and answers to prayers that we must be grateful for these blessings for them to continue to come to us.  I've also been realizing how much I take for granted.  When I notice a prayer being answered it feels so good to take that second to say Thank you.  Its been so Great!!

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Traci said...

That is soo true I find my myself doing the same thing and thinking why do I do that, why can't find something more positive to talk about. Thanks DeLynn for that beautiful testimony of gratitude!



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