Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Its my birthday!  I'm 28 :)
Over the past week or so I've been preparing for Silence.  For many reasons I've decided to take a Vow of Silence.  I have no limit, just a beginning.  I am starting my Silence Thursday February 26th.  To me, it is like a fast.  I will be praying for answers and learning the most I can from the experience.  Like I said before, I don't plan an end, I'm sure I will know when I have gotten what I need to receive from this.
Mostly my silence means No speaking.  I will have to communicate in other ways, but I am going to try to limit this also.  I've been really nervous about what others will think of this, but because of that fear I know that's why I need to do it. 
As children and as adults I believe we learn to be silent, by hiding our true selves to fit in with the world or to protect ourselves or others.  This silence I will be taking, I take in prayer and with faith and in hopes to find all the parts of me that I have forced into silence out of fear.
A part of me thinks this is really silly and I can't believe I actually think I'll get anything good out of Silence, but I've already learned so much just by studying other people's silence.  I pray I will be open to finding what I am searching for.
I just wanted to share with everyone what I am about to do.  I am really excited, nervous and hopeful.
Love You All !! !!
Here are a couple links to some other people that have experienced Silence :

Silence Video

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myvowofsilence said...

embrace yourself for a wonderful journey. Thanks for reading my silence blog. I hope it was helpful. The first 3-4 days will be difficult, then it will feel so natural. I am on my 25 day. Make some note cards with standard answers. My first 3 read. HELLO. I AM SORRY I CANT RESPOND. I AM ON A VOW OF SILENCE. People do understand. I live in nyc. all the best.



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