Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Time to get rid of the Binky

Ryker has really taken off with talking lately :)  One problem, he talks with his binky in his mouth and its hard to understand.  Time to get rid of the binky :)  My intelligent sister JoAnna had told me months ago that she had to get creative with the removal of the binky.  She cut the tips of the binkies off so her little one could no longer suck.  I had heard other great advise on the subject but this really seemed to be the best way for my little Ryker.
I sat him down and explained to him that we were proud of him for learning more words, but it has been really hard for us to understand him.  I told him what a big boy he is and explained I was going to cut his binkies.  I cut the binkies as he stared at me with disbelief.  After I was done I told him ALL GONE.  He repeated this phrase for 10 minutes.  Here is a little clip :)

He's done really well since.  I've kept the remains so that whenever he asks for it I can show him ALL GONE.  I am surprised at how well he adjusts, I am always nervous about things of this nature, but he continues to show me how big he is :)


Natalie said...

Good for you guys! We are still trying to get Trey's away from him!

Laraine said...

What a great idea! You are a brave and smart Mother. I probably would have hidden a whole one somewhere in the house "just in case of a melt-down!" He is sure growing up FAST!



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