Monday, March 2, 2009


I had someone ask me how I communicate with Ryker while I'm silent.  Well, luckily we taught him sign language.  The first two days were great, it was just Ryker and I and he soon realized that he had to pay attention to me more to know what Mom wanted to say.  We had a great time.  I had to play more with him.  I had to let go of my controls over what I wanted us to do and let him decide because its just way too hard to explain to a 20 month old what you want instead of what he wants with only a few signs.  Amazingly enough, I still get all the things I need to get done doing everything he wants to do.  If I do what he wants first, he gives me a break.  Before this Silence I wanted to get my stuff out of the way first so that I have time to hang out with him.  SILLY MOMMY :)  He has taught me so much about myself.

It was much harder to communicate with Ryker when dad was around this weekend.  He is a daddies boy and so when daddy is around, mommy isn't anymore.  I pretty much had to accept that dad can handle the communication without me.  Daddy did great :)  Last night we were hanging out, the three of us, and Ryker kept calling me into the room he was in with a kiss waiting for me.  It was too cute!  

I think that Ryker is to a point now that he misses my speaking.  I don't think my not speaking can do more harm than the good that it has brought.  I don't see this Silence lasting too much longer.  It has been a true blessing and I know I will know when to end it.

Love to all!! :)


Traci said...

Wow DeLynn thats neat I wouldn't have lasted an hour

Lindsie said...

I love that he would call you in to kiss you! Treyce said i love you to me on his own and i just about bawled right then and there. they are so precious, and its amazing what they are able to understand.



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