Friday, March 6, 2009

Ending my Silence of 9 days

Looks like I'll be ending my silence tomorrow :)  Time to take what I've learned and apply it to my talking life.  Its so much easier to be silent and apply them because I'm more aware while I'm silent.  I'm afraid that as soon as I speak my mind will be a tornado again and I'll have forgotten all of it.  Even though I'm afraid of this, I'm pretty sure it won't happen.  I'm going to be setting aside at least one day a week for silence.  I want to keep these lessons fresh.  Silence is a great meditation, a constant prayer.
I know that taking a Vow of Silence is not something everyone can fit into their lives.  I am lucky to have the freedom to have done this.  I recommend trying this if you can.  Even for a few hours.  Silence is a gift we hardly ever realize we have.
I can't wait till I feel I need this again :)

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Nat said...

I am very very impressed with your silence! Don't think I could do it. Especially being a mom! Way to go. Hey, I need a favor, could you go to my blog and follow the instructions on my post. We need lots of help from friends! Thanks!



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