Tuesday, October 19, 2010


To My Beautiful Sister JoAnna

When you passed away a year ago I felt lost. I am in a place in my life where many things are changing for me. When you came into my life as a child I was also in a place in my life where many things were changing, both times I am so grateful for. I want to share my feelings about both experiences here with everyone.

I will start with when we were children. If I look back at the best memory of you and I, you are an angel. There is a song I was listening to after you passed away that will be most helpful to descibe this, I was riding in my car and it came on and I know you were there with me showing me what you had to teach me. The song is called Ribbon’s Undone, by Tori Amos.

She's a girl

Rising from a shell

Running to spring

It is her time it is her time

Watch her run with ribbons undone

She's a rose in a lily's cloak

She can hide her charms

It is her right there will be time

To chase the sun with ribbons undone

She runs like a fire does

Just picking up daises

Comes in for a landing

A pure flash of lightening

Past alice blue blossoms

You follow her laughter

And then she'll surprise you

Arms filled with lavender

Yes my little pony is growing up fast

She corrects me and says

"You mean a thoroughbred"

A look in her eyes says the battle's beginning

From school she comes home and cries

I don't want to grow up Mom at last not tonight

You're a girl

Rising from a shell

Running through spring

With summer's hand in reach now

It is your time

It is your time

So just run with ribbons undone

It is your time yes my angel

It is your time

So just run with ribbons undone

Run run darlin'

Ribbons undone

You see, my favorite memory I have of us is running in a field pretending we are horses catching butterflies. It seems like a fairy tale to even think of it. You gave me a gift running through fields with me. JoAnna, you taught me what freedom feels like.

When you touched my heart the day that I heard this song our memory stuck in my heart and now whenever I am having a hard time and I feel like I can’t go on I think of you and we are running in a field of flowers catching butterflies with our ribbons undone. Thank you for listening to my prayers and helping me along this path of Love you are teaching me about.

I love you my Sweet Sister.



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Christa said...

Aww...so sweet DeLynn. Thank you for sharing this. I love your heart :)



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