Saturday, August 20, 2011

Judah Clayne Beagley

I had a blast taking these pictures. I took about 400 pictures, narrowed it down to 60 favorites and now have given you an even smaller selection of my favorites. I know that 60 pictures may have been a little too much :) I had my lighting equipment set up for 2 days and just kept taking little breaks during the day with his different moods. Ryker was so cute coming in every once and a while for a cute pose that he came up with. What have I created? :) It was fun to have him want to be involved. Anyway, I think he is SO cute and don't want to take down my lighting equipment. Probably going to do some pictures today or tomorrow with Kenzie and Judah. Hope you enjoy :)

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.:emily:. said...

Judah is a gorgeous baby!!



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