Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Anniversary!!!

This was the first day we met. I don't remember the actual day it was, but it was about the fall of 1999. We met through our friend Shara, the one taking the picture. Her and I thought it would be funny to tell Brandon I knew how to cut hair, I didn't at the time, and he believed us :) It actually turned out okay. Anyway, I just love that we have a picture of us together the first day that we met.
Brandon and I with our Rainbow on our wedding day. August 2, 2003. I found this and think it fits Brandon and I perfect.... Throughout human history rainbows have been a symbol of hope. The storm is passing. The sun will shine again. We dream. If we follow our dreams, like the rainbow, and we will find that pot of gold hidden in the light.
I know it is corny, but Brandon is my pot of Gold.
This is us on our honeymoon :)
2004, Trip to Oregon with little Kenzie.
2005. Our trip to Vegas with our friends. I know, I couldn't find another picture for 2005 and Brandon looks pissed in this picture. Well, it hasn't been perfect all these 8 years. :)

2006. This was our exciting cruise that ended up doing figure 8s in the Gulf of Mexico for 6 days. Never got to port, but we still had a good time.
2007 brought us a beautiful little boy, Ryker. What a great year :)
This is still 2007, just love this picture because this is US.
Totally US. Brandon is sweet and I love it!
2008. This is us in Colorado. We went to a 9 inch Nails concert with some friends.
2009. Us in Oregon. Oregon is a place we try to visit every year. We love it there.
2010. I love this picture. We look so grown up.
2011. Waiting for this new little one to come to us. This year has shown us so much about ourselves, how strong we are together with God. I'm so grateful I chose a man that faces the storms with me and loves me through them. God has really blessed Brandon and I. I am so excited to see what comes next. I love you Brandon. You are my best friend. Thank you!


Chrissie said...

Happy Anniversary! I love you both so much and it was fun seeing the pictures of you guys through the years.

.:emily:. said...

Happy anniversary to you guys! It's fun to see you through the years.... holy YOUNGNESS in your wedding picture! :) And holy YOUNGNESS in your most recent picture...you haven't changed a bit! You get more beautiful every year. Congratulations on your years together---heres to many more :)



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