Wednesday, August 8, 2012

South Dakota

We are living in South Dakota on an Indian Reservation.  We have talked about doing this for a few years now, a couple months ago Brandon came home from visiting out here and asked if I'd come with him and of course I said yes.  We didn't quite know how it was going to work out so we didn't make too many plans, just did it.  We got here and stayed in a tent for a few days on our friends land, the Colemans'.  Brandon brought out all his tools, his truck and trailer so he's been hard at work helping repair, haul and such.  They have been very grateful.  They found us a trailer to stay in till we figure out the next step.  They have been very supportive and giving to us since we've arrived.

These pictures are from where our trailer is set up.  I have a beautiful sunset every night. LOVE it!

 The storms out here are pretty crazy!  One night the wind was blowing REALLY hard and I thought for sure it was a tornado, but they assured me it was only the wind.  For a few days it did nothing but blow all day and I thought that was going to be how it was all the time.  It was driving me crazy, but the wind stopped.  On those hot days, which we've had a lot of since we've gotten here, the wind feels nice, so the then you pray for wind.  That is probably why it gets to windy here, so many prayers for wind because of the heat... :)
Oh, did I mention it's hot?  REALLY hot :)  Brandon decided to make a slip n slide out of tarp.  Anyone that has tried this will tell you tarps don't slip or slide.  That picture of Brandon on his tummy was his failed attempt to slide.  I know, looks like I got a great shot of him in motion, NOPE!
The kids found a way to have fun with it anyway.  Then they told us that we could make a pool out of a big tire they had so Brandon hauled up to us.  The kids had fun!

 This is Judah in our trailer.  He can't wear clothes out here, he gets way to miserable and fussy.  The picture on the bottom of him sleeping is how he sleeps now.  Sprawled out, no clothes, mouth open, eyes slightly open, and his right hand always ready to swat the fly trying to crawl up his nose.  Hopefully someday he will forgive his parents for taking him out of his home into this new harsh environment.

Brandon and I are liking it out here, I say liking because we love it and at moments we hate it.  For the most part we love it.  We love our time together with the kids, we love the people and their big hearts, we love the Native culture.
Thank you everyone for your love and prayers. 
Love DeLynn

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