Sunday, November 9, 2008

I am Thankful!

MacKenzie.  I am so Thankful to have MacKenzie in my life.  What a beautiful person she is becoming.  She teaches me so much about myself and helps me appreciate the step-moms in my life so much more.  Its truly a blessing to be a part of her life, I pray that I can be a good example to her as my moms have been for me.  I love you Kenzie!

Thank you Linda for showing me what it means to love all children as your own.

Thank you Glo for being such a great influence in Brandons life.  We are so blessed to have you!

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Traci said...

MacKenzie is a fabulous girl. I'm grateful that I got to know her more for the short time she was in my ward. I love that when she see's me she always gives me a hug!!



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