Monday, November 10, 2008

I am Thankful!

I am Thankful for my Mom!
Having Ryker has taught me so much about myself, but its also taught me how wonderful my mom is.  Although I have struggles and so does my mom, she has really taught me Love.
I wrote this poem about how I wish for Ryker to feel about me and Now I've realized that I still long for my mother's sweet touch, her tender kiss and warm embrace.....

Her Tenderness

She carries me
Her loving arms
Holds me tight
Keeps me warm
A kiss she gives
My eyes close tight
I'll remember this
When she's out of sight
Her tender touch
Fingers slide down my cheek
I open my eyes
Just to take a peek
Face of an angel
Looks into my eyes
Her love so strong
So sweet, so wise
I chose her to be
My Mother
Her gift of life
I could love no other

Thank you Mom for everything I am that is good, I am you.  We are both beautiful, loving mothers doing our best in a world that fights against us.  I love you so much Mom! 
 Thank you Heavenly Mother for helping me to see this beauty, I am so blessed to have found you in my life.

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